Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My place in the universe

I've always believed in the idea that each of us has a particular place in the universe where we belong, and that if we find it everything will fall into place and we will flourish.

—Patrick O'Connell, chef

I know this too..........but what I want to know is how to find that 'place' that is meant for you and you alone.
I am still trying to figure out 'my place' in this universe, and I think the journey is more enjoyable than the would-be destination.

Monday, March 16, 2009

woman of today !!

This incident happened last Friday, I received a call from a friend (debatable) and since we had not had a conversation for a long time we got talking. Over the course of the conversation I invited her family (including her father who is visiting her) for lunch/dinner.
Shock of shocks...when she laughed and said to me 'you and I can only talk these things, but really our husbands will have to decide' !!!!!!!!!!
I was zonked out of seat for a while and was utterly shocked that a woman of today is talking like this to me....and telling me that the husbands are the only people in our life who can decide who we invite or accept an invitation!!

Once I was a bit out of the shock, I managed to mumble something of this to her 'I don't have to ask my husband who we can invite, or when should we invite them, I decide and tell him'...then to tell her what to do I said 'you go ahead and ask your husband when you can come over....decide a date and just inform me'

Why do some ladies behave like slaves to their master/husband? Don't they have some self-value, some respect for being ...just being....

I am really very shocked !!!