Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas shopping...but the recession is here....

Today we went to MidValley and did some grocery shopping at Carrefour. Yet again A was bugged with the service and quality of some stuff there. While we were there I saw this gorgeous slow cooker from Faber. It was a steel and black beauty, the best feature was that the cooking pot was porcelain. After much deliberation we decided not to buy it :(
Aadi got a bit cranky mid-way to the food section so I found myself a crate to sit on, and then I gave him some biscuits, one dosa that I had packed from home, and ...what was it??? Oh that's all actually.
Continuing to shop I found a new brand of mini hash browns, and picked up one pack. Made some when we got home and they were yummm.
Aah yes, before heading off to Carrefour we went and saw the Christmas decorations, clicked some snaps, and then Aadi saw some kids with balloons, that sent Amol in search of the source of the balloons, it turned out to be one fresh-fruit drink stall, and the trick was that you had to buy a drink in order to get the balloon "free". We had to get we did.
Tomorrow i'll post some snaps of the decorations.
After seeing the crowd at Megamall, Amol said to me 'does this look like there is a recession?'
People were busy shopping, crowding the outlets that had a 'SALE' signboard. Buying gifts for their friends and family, and some for themselves too.

When we got home, Amol asked me something that I had been waiting to be asked....'what do you want for your birthday?'
Well here is the answer: I liked the slow cooker we saw, I need a new pair of walking shoes (that should be the impetus to push me to the treadmill in the gym downstairs!!), I would love to get a silk/satin cover for my quilt, and a matching pillowcase too..please...
I would also want to get my hands on the Oprah Magazines for November and December...I have not got those in the mail yet, despite renewing my subscription :(

I badly want a nice 'Doctors' Set' for Aadi, that has to go first, even before my birthday gifts.
So Amol, if and when you read this, you know what I want!!

During this weekend I want to visit some more malls just to see their Christmas decorations and also to watch people shop-hop.
As long as people are happy and are shopping, it will be a good Christmas...come recession or what...

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