Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hair issues

Last wednesday, I called Amol at work and told him that we "have to" go to the doctor in the evening.....reason ----> I am losing hair as fast as the rain falls !!!
I am experiencing hair loss for a few months now, but I thought it would eventually stop, but no...they refuse to stay put on my head !!
I know that we shed around 100 hair daily, but mine seems to be a different case, they don't seem to be growing back :(
So off we went to see Dr. Mallika (oh I love her) in Bangsar, and I told her what I was there for...she told me a few home remedies to try (wait I will pen them down..a bit later) and also prescribed me some Iron & multivitamin tablets along with Vitamin E capsules.
Now I have been taking them regularly, and I feel (and hope) that the hair fall has reduced.

OK ..now for the home remedies that she gave me.
Warm oil head massage. She told me to try the Himalaya brand and it's oil to prevent hair loss.
Oh yes...she did ask me which shampoo I am using...I'm using the Himalaya Protein shampoo.

Another remedy she gave me was: add one egg white to oil and massage it in the scalp. Leave for 30 minutes and then wash off.
Now this one I have not tried yet, but will definitely do it ...maybe over the weekend, when hubby is around to take care of Aadi, coz the little one does not let me near him when I have something on my hair...henna for example.

Please wish me luck in this crusade and I promise to update you on my hair fall.

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