Friday, December 5, 2008

Nothing much

Amol was sleep deprived, so he slept till about 10!! The maid was in by 9 and I told her not to make any noise near the bedroom, as sleeping beauty was making up for her sleepless nights in India !!
Since he slept, I had to cancel Aadi's Gymboree class, as the husband's breakfast time would have clashed with our leaving for class.
Rest of the day was un-eventful. Oh yes...I did make a call to my mom and told her how nice the stuff she sent me was, and ofcourse there were the usual mom-daughter stuff to talk about ;)
Dinner time was fun as I made some pizzas, ok...I brought the base and the tomoto-base sause from the market. But I did take the efforts to cut some onion, and mushrooms to add as toppings, and yes then there was the generous sprinkling of cheese........yummmmmmmmmm
Dinner was getting eaten while watching a Marathi movie 'De Dhakka'; it was fun to watch and there were many a funny moments in it.
All in all a nice day in which I did nothing much...

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