Thursday, December 18, 2008

stiff neck....not anymore

Yesterday I woke up with a horrid pain in my neck and shoulders, the day was equally bad, tried some hot water, some ointment rub, but nothing worked..
Today also the pain was there, but it ceased towards the evening ...well it just didn't get well on it's own. I wasted some seriously hot water from the shower, trying to sooth the pain.
I am busy reading the Mandela autobiography and I'm getting engrossed in it. The afternoon time went by in reading it.
Oh yes, we enjoyed some yummy cheese cake, which my neighbour gave me last night. With the cake in, I was lucky to get an excuse from one of my snack-making time!!
Evening Amol was in a mood to do some cooking (lucky am I not?) and thankfully I had Kabuli Chana (chickpeas) soaked and boiled...all ready to be cooked. See I always say that one must have some ready to cook stuff in the fridge, this way we can cook something anytime we want. (did that make sense?) Like today when I boiled daal (lentils) for the 'varan', I boiled some extra for the 'sambar' I intend to make on Saturday morning. Oh that reminds me I have to soak the rice and the urad dal for the 'dosa' and 'idlis'.
OK, back to the 'Chole', I stood by his side giving him instructions, and bringing out the stuff from the fridge, the spice cupboard, so that my chef did not sweat too much under the heat.
Well then they were finally made (I usually follow the recipe from the carton of Chole Masala, the Everest brand), the chef went to the toy room to spend time with Aadu.
I made some gorgeous 'fulkaas' to accompany the 'Chole'.
With dinner done, we were all ready to watch 'Commander In Chief'; but sadly it was not on, and instead 'Army Wives' was we were channel surfing and yippieeeeeeeee we found 'Jhankar Beats' on 122 i.e. Astro Kirana.
It is one of Amol's favourite movies and I too love some songs sung by Shaan (love the way his voice sounds ..I can actually hear his smile in his songs) Love you Shaan for smiling through all your songs !! Did you know............. his real name is Shantanu Mukherjee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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