Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Still waiting

I am waiting eagerly for A to get home tomorrow. Today was a no-tv day for Aadi, but in the evening I let him watch Shrek on the 'new tv'. 'New TV' is a name that my son gave to the portable DVD player that Amol's colleagues gave him on his birthday. Now we all call it by that name.
Evening time my neighbor and her kids came over to play. I made Dosas for them and initially Aadi was reluctant to come out and play with them, but eventually came out.
I decided to watch the remaining part of a Marathi play, it is a funny one (supposed to) but somehow I can't laugh at the jokes as there is no one to laugh and share the jokes with....
I have saved some cake that I had baked for Amol, also I have kept some 'Kadhi' for him. He loves it and I am sure he'll love it.
I still keep going back to the news paper websites to know what is new regarding the Mumbai attacks. The other day I was talking (chatting) with a friend of mine, and we spoke about what we can do to make a difference. I said that to start with we need a healthy and fit nation, and it's citizens will be trained to tackle such situations. I suggested we have National Service for all kids once they are 18 years old. They spend 2 years in training. After that every year for 15-20 days they go back for training and during this training their fitness is checked. This service program should be linked with a stunning reward system.
Singapore has a similar program, and I have seen the people there really making an effort to stay fit, they look so 'ready' for anything.
I would want my son to attend such National Service camps.
Think about it.....while I still wait for Amol....

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