Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday shopping

Last evening we went off to the wet-market (a phrase used for fresh-market) in Briekfields. It was much more spacious than the one near Palm Court. It was also much better lighted. We bought some vegetables from a man speaking in 'Bangla' with me....thanks to Malina I follow a bit so I didn't make a complete fool of myself !! We explored some more, found a stall where they were making some hot vadai, curry puffs. One man there was doling out 'shev' made of steamed rice flour. I don't know what it is called :( but it is eaten with coconut milk and curry. They also had stuffed rice dumpling shaped like a 'karanji'. It had ingredients of 'ukdi che modak'. I just bought some vadai from him and moved on.
At the fish stall, Aadu was very fascinated to see small sharks, and insisted that we buy some for him !!! We did not buy any coz the guy din't have 'tingiri' which Amol likes the most.
As we ventured further, we found a fruit stall, and bought lots of goodies from her. While returning to the start point, we bumped into Senthil, his mom and Anand. Senthil's mom is just like him, smiley and friendly. Aadu was talking to her within seconds; although they did not have a common language to converse!!
My brat then went off with Senthil as we were left standing with Anand, they returned after a good 10 minutes.....till then frankly I was a worried mom. Of course I have no issues that he was with Senthil, I trust him completely. It's just that my son WENT with some one...and more so he went willingly and even had the innocent guts to say bye to me !!!
We still needed some stuff so we went off to Bangsar Village, where Amol told us that he wants to look around, we saw some amazing bargains...a lovely dinner set for 169 !!! one amazing even had music !!
Clicked some snaps of Aadu with Mickey & Minnie. Amol then tried some stainless-steel finger rings and we even liked one with a yellow gold band in between the two steel rings. It cost 149.
I pulled Amol from there and dragged him to the Village grocer to get what we had initially come for. I bought the puff pastry that I wanted to make the much awaited Khari. The link to the making can be found here.
I could not contain my excitement and made the Khari as soon as I came home.
I shared by amazing Khari with my neighbours and they were very happy to have something so simple and something that reminded them of home (India).

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