Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Roller coaster

Amol sends an SMS saying that I should go on g-talk urgently. I go online and he tell me that he can travel back tonight only if I can get an e-ticket issued from KL sentral. I can't go because it is Aadi's dinner time and plus taxi is a huge problem in my area. So we decide to tell Senthil to do it. As I pick up the phone to call him, the phone rings and guess what?? it is Senthil calling to find out how we are doing. I quickly tell him what needs to be done and soon he is off to issue the tickets.
Meanwhile I update Amol, and we are happy and excited that we'll be together after a week of tension and waiting.
Just so that you know: Amol had traveled to Mumbai last tuesday and then the terror attacks happened, and Mumbai was in chaos and was spell bound by terror. The clients canceled the meetings, rightfully so, and Amol then took off to Pune to meet his family. He is back in Mumbai on monday and is done with the meetings.
Back to today: Senthil calls 45 minutes later and tells me that the tickets cannot be issued simply because the system is shut and that flight time is just 3 hours away !!
So again I updated Amol with a heavy heart that he can not board the flight today.

So that's what the roller coaster ride was..

And finally I am happy again coz he'll be home on thursday morning!!
Miss you A!!

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