Thursday, December 4, 2008

The wait is finally over

I was very excited from wednesday evening, as the next morning A was to get home.....
I somehow managed to sleep early and woke up early too, I sms-ed him so that he knows I am awake !! actually I sms-ed him just to say Good Morning and that I am waiting to see him..
So off I went to the kitchen to make tea for us and some breakfast. I knew he would be home in an hours time since landing. I wait and wait and wait...and's now 2 hours since he landed and I can't understand what is holding him up. He finally turns up and then tells me that instead of taking the faster route i.e. the KLIA express, he took a taxi and then dropped off his co-worker and terminated the taxi there and waited to get another taxi from there !!!!!!!
I was soooooooo angry, I told him that he has to consider that someone is waiting for him at home and that he should not try options the next time...First get home by the fastest means available...
woooshhhhhhhhhh ...

The rest of the day was spent in catching up on all the 'khabar' from back home, and we did have loads to talk since he was there when the attacks took place. A said he was appalled at the way the media was using it more as an opportunity to increase it's viewer-ship, some journalists doing a sloppy job and many many more things.

He also told me about his time with our families, although he was quite tied up.
He told me about my little cousin sister (one month old), how she laughed when he made funny noises...and about my cousin brother (the baby's brother) how he is now overtly possessive about his mom (my aunt)!! Gosh I miss them a lot.

My mom sent along some ladoos and sev, which I attacked immediately, and they were yummy!! Miss you mom :-(

At the end of the day I was happy that the wait was finally over.

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