Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally someone agrees with me !!

In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned about making military training compulsory for all Indian nationals once they reach 18 years of age. A refresher course every year after that....and so on and so forth.
Well I am very happy to tell all of you that someone finally agrees with me...and it is no ordinary visit
and you will know who it is and what more the person has to say.


Ketaki said...

Nothing less than the Big B huh?
Hey we will be in KL in last week Dec in a place called Mines resort. Do you know this place? How is it?
Cheers, still blogging strong, well done!

Neelum said...

hey Ketaki, long time girl...kuthe gayab jhalis? well mines resort is nice, it has an amusement park, a water way with boat ride n all...not very far from my home...will mail u my number & address, so you can call me when ur here and drop in home also !!